Filtered event calendar für electronic music and art in Düsseldorf, Germany
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English FAQ
Welcome visitors from Timeout Düsseldorf, Lonely Planet, Frommers, Fodor's Duesseldorf, searchers for travel guide hints and Dusseldorf Messe Trade Fair guests.


What is the Blender?

Düsseldorf Blender is a calendar of events, mainly for non-mainstream electronic music parties, concerts and subculture in the city of Düsseldorf (Germany) and some surrounding districts. Blender also considers openings and special dates of some interesting art exhibitions or projects, exceptional movie screenings, festivals and the big monthly flea markets. Düsseldorf Blender was launched on June 24th, 2002, and is a one-man project.

Why is the Blender?
The main motivation keeping the site running is to inform about the 5% of interesting events going on in Düsseldorf, leaving out the touristic old town redneck stronghold and the unbearable bad style wannabe posh goop pack.

Do I have to learn German?
The Blender is generally written in German language. But you can try Google's
English translation of the Blender.

That's so marvellous! How can I thank you?
Düsseldorf Blender is chocolateware. If you like the Blender, send me some nougat/noisette milk chocolate to: Düsseldorf Blender, Postfach 10 21 42, 40012 Düsseldorf. Thanks!

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